Warriors Themed Discord Bot

General Questions

You can set your warrior name by using '/profile set name' with the name option as your new name, the name must match both canon prefixes and suffixes, an example can be '/profile set name name:sandstorm'

The profile command allows you to change your clan, find the command in the command list or help command to understand how to do so.

Prey Questions

Prey has been removed from the bot for a lack of uses. However, if the majority wants it back it may be re-added.

There isn't exactly 'prey' in the nursery command, it is rather a 'food' meter that shows how much you are allowed to feed your kittens. This meter will only recharge over time.

Apprentice Questions

The apprentice command is time-based, depending on how much you used them before they got tired, make it take longer for them to recover and become usable again, a few hours is a good amount of time to wait.

Yes, you can promote your apprentice into a warrior once they hit level 24, promoted apprentices grant a permanent stackable 10% bonus for any future experience received.

When you use the command, you will see a prompt underneath their status, that is when you can perform a particular action.

Apprentice actions and prompts are generated by your Discord ID as well as the current hour, sometimes it may not make too much of a difference, or you're just unlucky.

These are your apprentice's stats, the higher the values will make your apprentice both more experienced and allow more experience gained for your actions. Strength increases your chances slightly in combat, reduces chance of injury, and allows your apprentice to heal faster. Agility allows your apprentice to recover quicker after performing tiring tasks. Intellect allows you to receive more experience on most things you do.

Art Submission Questions

You can visit the submission form to enter your artwork into the bot, it will be used for the gacha command. Please read the rules present on the form. You can submit any 'Warriors' art *you* created, they are all reviewed manually for quality and accuracy. Fanart made specifically for the bot are still not guaranteed to get accepted.

All submissions are reviewed manually (however there are plans to make a more streamlined process via sending the image to the bot). It currently takes a long time to review, upload, and included under the correct character, watch for updates on the submission form or listen to whenever the bot creator mentions submissions up to a specific date have been reviewed.

Yes! The bot has collab support, and all artists who contribute to a submission will have it listed in their contributions.

Yes, people are not aware the bot has support for animated images (apng & gif). Anything that can be displayed within Discord as an image is supported, however inverted cards will show the first frame as horizontally flipped.