Warriors Themed Discord Bot

Littlecloud is a Discord Bot created and managed by Chratis#9235.
The goal of Littlecloud was and still is to provide entertainment and serve as a general bot for the entire Warriors community.

Back in 2018, the Warriors fandom was really missing games or things to do in general besides being artistically creative and roleplaying. The bot has originated when I created a unique bot called Yellowfang for Fourtrees, a non-roleplay discussion server. It was designed to help make the server unique, and assist in moderation.

I've since moved on and salvaged the bot to build a brand new one, this time, planning to be released to the public, for the entire Warriors community. The bot's goal was and always will be to bring the community together. However, now that the bot was done, it needed a name; and I couldn't just re-use the old name.

I contemplated whether the bot should take the identity of a new cat or take on a generalized form like other Discord Bots. When it's been decided I wanted the bot to take the form of a recognizable cat, I needed to figure out who I wanted the bot to represent. Littlecloud was the first and only suggestion, and has stuck ever since.

Littlecloud has grown over the years and is one of the bots used in many Warriors servers.

Though, managing the bot can be difficult to handle solo, these helpful community members have assisted management of the bot and have made managing the bot easier for me:

Area of Assistance Discord Tag Since
Cat Rarities DuplexBeGreat#2130 03/12/2020
Wiki Admin Vector Sigma 05/27/2021

Littlecloud is not much without a face, that's why the creator commissions artists to help bring him to life!

How Do You Art#4133Draw Littlecloud's old Discord avatar and original sunset headshot.
chaiteadrawsDraw art for this website, and make it feel more Littlecloud.
Orvokki#7818Drew Littlecloud's new Discord avatar
KyBee#3517Drew Littlecloud's new support server icon

If you want to show support, please do so by spreading the bot to your friends, or even suggest it in your Warrior servers!

Inquiries can be sent to