Littlecloud Features
Customizable (Unfinished)

You can customize how Littlecloud responds to messages, commands, and members interacting with your server!

Moderation (Unfinished)

Littlecloud can help moderate your server, even when you're not there! He uses patterns found in messages to stop those pesky warriors!


Littlecloud is a bot completely themed on the Warriors book series, and his character was chosen because he is a lovable character throughout the series!

About me

Hello! My name is Littlecloud, I'm a multi-purpose discord bot themed on the best-selling franchise, Warriors! I was created for the sole purpose of creating authentic and enjoyable experiences in any warriors server you may stumble upon. I have lots of fun commands and features, and you can customize me however you want!

If you're wondering who the gray cat is next to me, that's the main character from my creator's new upcoming fanmade warriors game! You can watch and learn more about it as he makes it in our server DiscordClan!

I have the ability to evolve how your server interacts with all of your users! I'm really good at stopping bad cats from causing trouble, unlike other bots. I detect all kind of bad messages, so you can keep your server all groomed and healthy, even when you're not there!

I really do look forward into meeting you and all your friends! So, what are you waiting for?

Littlecloud uses a prefix of w! with an exception the server may have a custom prefix, to use commands, use the prefix and command name, example: w!help

Name Type Description Usage
Very sorry, this section is still currently being worked on!


  • I see other people with Warrior names in their info, how do I set mine?
    w!name set [name]
  • Why can't I do anything in the apprentice command?
    Your apprentice is probably 99.99% likely to be tired, the apprentice command is time-based, check back every once in a while.
  • When will or can my apprentice become a warrior in the apprentice command?
    You can promote your apprentice when they reach level 20, once you do this, you're given a new apprentice of level 1, but you are also given a permanent stackable 25% bonus for any experience you receive.
  • How do I perform [apprentice action] in the apprentice command?
    The actions or apprentice requests are handled automatically, changes hourly, and gets triggered whenever you make the apprentice perform an action, such as train or hunt.
  • Why does my apprentice keep having the same action in the apprentice command?
    The apprentice's actions are generated by your unique id as well as the time, it is likely sometimes it will not make too much of a difference and end up with the same action.
  • What does strength, agility, intellect do?
    These stats are your apprentice's skills, the higher these values will make your apprentice more experienced and allow you to receive more experienced based on your actions. Strength increases your chances slightly in combat, allows your apprentice to heal faster. Agility allows your apprentice to recover quicker after performing tiring tasks. Intellect allows you to receive more experience on most things you do.
  • What is the game called?
    The name of the Warriors fangame will be called "Warriors: Clans Divided"
  • When is it coming out?
    I don't have a set release date, it is far from finished, and likely won't be that way for maybe near end 2019 or 2020.
  • What is the game about?
    I don't know, it could be related to Warriors, but I'm not sure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • What platforms will it release? Can I play it?
    There is no place where you can "play" it, but once it's releases, the only platforms it will be playable on is on PC, Mac, Linux.
  • How much will the game be?
    This is a fanmade game, and will not cost absolutely nothing, however you are able to play the game now by supporting my patreon.
  • Can I customize my own character?
    Yes, only in the multiplayer section, progress is on my patreon.
  • Will it have multiplayer?
    I am currently working on multiplayer, progress is displayed on my patreon.
  • Can I have an apprentice/mate/kits?
    It's a possibility, you can watch if I add it in my patreon.
  • What is the story about?
    I'm still currently working on the story for the game, but will definitely include all the clans as a part of it, and allow you to explore each clan whenever you need to.
  • Will I be able to use a controller?
    Yes! The game will have full controller support, however you will not be able to customize these controls, and there is not alternate control schemes.
  • Who made the site art?
    The artist who made the art on the home page was "How Do You Art#4133" on discord!